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Useful Tips On How To Pack For A Move

Without a doubt, moving to a new house is exciting and you’ve got a lot of feelings on your plate. At the same time, it’s exhausting and a fact that none can deny. Especially the part where you have to pack all of your household items, things can get a little overwhelming.

If you are packing your stuff yourself, just like most people, then you need to start early. When we say early, we are referring to the fact that you should start putting things in boxes at least 6 weeks before your final moving date. A little scheduling on the calendar can work wonders for you but that’s not all it is. There’s a lot more you can do to easily pack for moving and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

1-Decide and tell your house movers What You Want to take with you

Whether you are looking for packing services or planning to hire movers for the task, the decision about what you want to take with you and what will stay behind is still yours to make. And this is something you can’t overlook. No matter how badly you may want to just shift all your things to your new house, you know you can’t. There are going to be a lot of unnecessary items that you’ll have to get rid of.

This is the first step of packing for a move. Make a list of all the items you have in your house and then decide which things are of no use to you. The next step is to collect boxes from your friends, family or buy some from a store (they don’t cost much). If you want to make things easier, simply buy some moving kits to reduce the hassle.

The next step is to pack all your non-essential items and then pack the ones that you really can’t go a day without. Moreover, consider the current weather while you do this. If it’s the summer season, pack your winter clothes, and if it’s the winter season, pack all of your summer clothes into boxes so that when the time comes, you know which box to open first.

2- Proper Labeling And Handling during house relocation

Once you are done deciding what you want and what needs to stay behind, the next step is to label all of your boxes properly. It’s better to get stickers to label all the boxes as they are quite inexpensive. However, if you don’t have any stickers, use a bold marker and mark all the boxes. Moreover, highlight the ones that need special care so that your furniture movers know if there are fragile products in a box. In case there are tables or other chairs that can be disassembled, go for it. It might take you some time to unscrew all the table legs and parts but ultimately it will help prevent damage during moving. For glass items, use padding between each part. Glass furniture and items usually get damaged even if you hire the best California movers. So for extra care, if something’s really valuable for you, buy some bubble wrap and add extra layers of padding for better protection.

3-Keep The Essentials With You and your movers will thank you

Make a list of your go-to items or the things that you can’t go a day without using. For example, your toothbrush, your medications or your important documents that you have to carry with you everyday. You don’t want to end up packing this stuff in boxes because then when you move to your new house, it might be difficult for you to reach those items immediately. And nobody wants to pause mid-way through the move, so that you can fish out an essential item.

The wiser thing to do here is to make a separate box of these items and carry that box with you instead of handing it over to the movers. If you want, you can search for “Storage rooms near me” and then keep that particular box there until you move.

4-Never Leave Empty Spaces In The Boxes

Leaving room inside a box leads to damaged products. The more loosely packed your boxes are, the higher are the chances that your items will break inside or get damaged. Moreover, movers usually don’t move boxes that feel loosely packed so to avoid such a situation, stuff the boxes up to an extent that there’s no space left in them.

Here, using the right sized boxes is also of utmost importance. When you pick the right size for let’s say, your furniture, it will be easier for you to pack it and you won’t end up mixing items just to stuff it up.

5-Start Packing As Early As Possible to prepare for the moving services

We cannot stress enough the fact that you must start packing your household items as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the easier the entire process will be for you. Start a month early or if you already have too much on your plate, start packing two months before you move to your new place.

People who start packing at the 11th hour usually end up in a chaotic situation and everything goes South. To avoid being one of those people, manage your time and schedule by packing earlier than you planned.

6-Find Some Good Moving Company Around You

It’s great if you want to move your stuff yourself but again, the wiser decision is to let a professional company handle this process. You can search

Moving Company quotes online and select the most affordable one. These people are experienced, they are professionals who’ve been moving stuff for people for years and they sure know how to get all of your household items to your new house in a safe and sound way. So instead of going through so much hassle, just invest some money, find some good movers and let them deal with this process while you focus on your other more important chores.

Overall Verdict

With these tips, moving to your new house will become a lot easier than you ever thought. Most importantly, you won’t be exhausted or stressed as all your items will be moved to your new home safely.