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Manage your anger in the workplace

Are you threatening to go over the edge when something happens in the office?

Are you quickly got aggressive at work?

Do you want to handle your emotions, for yourself as well as for others who work with you?

Anger is a natural and perfectly healthy emotion, but its overdose can cause several issues for you in your personal and professional life. To deal with your anger and avoid conflicts and aggression in the workplace to maintain your credibility you can follow the given suggestions:

  • Stay Calm:

Instead of shouting or screaming and giving your colleagues a piece of your mind,  breathe deeply and count from 1 to 10 is a better option. Deep breathing resists the trigger and it is a mindfulness method to deal with aggression and anger. You can also have a glass of water, it will surely help you to calm down.

  • Write down:

To resist the urge to discharge your negative feelings another good option is to write it down on a paper. After transferring your inside demon of anger onto a piece of paper you will surely feel better than before.

  • Stay alone or leave the place:

Sometimes placing a physical distance between you and the situation makes you calm. In case of feeling aggressive, it is better to take some break and cut off yourself, from your colleagues and co-workers for some time. Go out and take fresh air, take a slow walk, or sit somewhere alone and quietly, it will gradually make you feel better and calm.

  • Divert your attention:

It is also good to distance yourself from a stressed or aggressive situation by diverting your attention towards some other things. Checking your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account can keep you away from ground realities for some time. You can also make a call to your family member or a friend to talk about anything else rather than work issues.

  • Anger management courses:

Getting professional help is also not a bad idea. Professional training to manage violence and aggression and to keep control of yourself is the perfect solution to manage your aggression and anger in the workplace.


BASIS TRAINING provides a PMVA training that covers breakaways and control, conflict management, and restraint. This particular training program helps you to deal with anger management issues in the workplace.

This course helps you to improve communication skills, leadership abilities, and conflict management without being harsh and aggressive.