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A Closer Look Into Investment Africa’s Agricultural Sector

A Closer Look Into Investment Africa's Agricultural Sector

Individuals and companies who are interested in exploring other investment options outside the country should take a closer look into being an Africa investor. Africa consists of 53 countries and most of which have vast reserves of oil, minerals, gas, and bountiful agricultural lands. Several tracts of agricultural land have been leased as part of investment Africa ventures, mostly by foreign companies. Africa is known for its agricultural products exportation wherein citrus fruits, wheat, corn, cut flowers, edible oils are grown locally. Back in February 20, 2011, Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan urged Africa investors from international groups to invest in the agricultural industry and observe effective, efficient, and equitable market access policies. There has been an annual projection of $150 billion demand of food crops within the African market alone. Farmers are encouraged to grow food crops as investment Africa from foreign countries are expected. The international agricultural society on the other hand is tapped for the inclusion of Africa in farming technology seminars and conventions to enhance its current farm systems.

There are also Africa investment farms in sub-Saharan region that are currently large importers of food. This is attributable to the attractive price of lands with the advantage of fair weather climate and rich soil. Moreover, Africa’s climate allows farmers to plant two crops per year which makes it a good source of various agricultural products in the global market. For a neophyte Africa investor, you should look specifically into Zambia as your first investment destination for agriculture since they have vast lands and abundant water resource. Zambia’s neighboring countries are already engaged in commercial farming, so transportation and exportation of these goods would not be much of an issue. Perhaps investors should look into applying advanced farming technology and developing farm and road infrastructures in the area. There is still an advantage from using traditional and environmentally safe farming methods. Yet, enhancing farming activities with the help of new technologies can definitely increase investment Africa from western and Middle Eastern countries looking for food security. Added with the partnerships from small scale farmers and bigger commercial agricultural companies, the agricultural sector is expected to soar exponentially.