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How to Order via Phone with Canada Pharmacy?

Canada Pharmacy was established as an online mail-order pharmacy back in 2001 and has since become the most significant such pharmacy in the country. The idea that people will want to be able to buy every medicine they need from the comfort of their homes is what led to the creation of Canada Pharmacy Online.

The online mail order pharmacy makes it possible for patients and customers who cannot go to their nearest pharmacy or cannot get the medication they require in their vicinity to buy their medicines needed through phone orders.

Medicines more often than not are life-saving and make life much easier by reducing pain and fastening the healing process. It thus is necessary that the patient has easy access to all his/her medications, and there is no obstruction which can hinder his/her recovery.

Phone Order

Even in this day and age, ordering essential things online is not the preferred way for most of the stuff we buy much less buying through hotlines. More often than not, such things are either counterfeit or of a low quality, which can cause significant financial loss and may even cause deterioration of health of the patient.

Such risks are also present in case of online mail-order pharmacies and as such customers have long been skeptical of buying their medications through phone orders and hotline numbers.

Canada Pharmacy has revolutionized the online mail-order pharmacy sector through its thorough adherence to the related laws and regulations put in place to protect the customers. From providing complete privacy protection for its customers to safeguarding sensitive customer data, canadapharmacy.com has created a safe environment for the customers to buy their medicines online, which they earlier couldn’t.

As the description of the company suggests, we are an online mail-order pharmacy, and as such, there are two ways of ordering from our pharmacy, one of which is ordering via phone.

Phone Orders:

  • Visit our website, canadapharmacy.com, and browse through our vast selection of prescription, non-prescription, over the counter and pet medications to find the medicines you need.
  • Place a toll-free call to our Patient Care Service at 1-800-891-0844 anytime between 8 a.m. to midnight (EST) all days of the week and place your order.
  • A customer service representative will take your order and process the payment.
  • Send a copy of your prescription via fax to our office at 1-800-883-6005. Or you can email a scanned copy of your order to prescriptions@canadapharmacy.com
  • You also need to mail us your original prescription at the following address: Canada Pharmacy; PO BOX 520; 800-15355 24th Ave; Surrey BC; V4A 2H9
  • Your order will be delivered to you within days,

Licensed pharmacists verify all our requests and all our pharmacies are overseen by The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, Canada. All of this to put your mind at ease that the medicine you have received has been verified and provided to you in adherence to all the rules and regulations imposed in the country.