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PMVA Course for Conflict Management

The basic goal of this brief refresher course on PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence & Aggression) is to prevent and manage conflict safely in various circumstances. Anyone who works in a violent/aggressive atmosphere should take this course, especially in a mental health setting.

Conflicts in the workplace may have a substantial financial and psychological impact. If a problem arises, line supervisors are typically too afraid to act on it. Despite this, conflicting parties seldom engage in direct communication. Most of the employees contacted their supervisor, union agent, or HR.

Managers who use a “send them to HR” approach cannot develop their dispute resolution abilities. As a first step in addressing this difficulty, it is critical to identify why line managers aren’t addressing conflict. Here comes the need of educating managers on the necessity of conflict management skills and motivate them for practical PMVA training to develop capacity.

What is this course all about?

Every aspect of corporate life has been affected by the worldwide epidemic. Mainly lack of trust between coworkers and managers has become a common issue. More and more of these conflict concerns are becoming evident as work-life returns to a “new normal.” To ensure that conflict management skills are acknowledged as an essential component of line managers’ “daily job routines,” SBRT’s PMVA training plays an important role.

This PMVA training teaches conflict resolution skills that may be used in various settings where employees of different organizations or businesses come into close touch with consumers, service users, and the general public.

Using communication skills taught in this course help to prevent conflict and to address issues once a dispute has been defused. The next step is to look at the triggers and inhibitors that impact human behaviour in a conflict setting and then move on to methods for assessing and reducing conflict risk. It also discusses post-incident topics, including assistance and the need to share good practices covered in training.

What skills do participants learn from PMVA training?

Attendees of PMVA courses, UK get the ability to deal with the following situations after finishing this training:

  • They learn to identify and mitigate conflict risks.
  • They can defuse tense situations via good communication.
  • They know better what to do in the aftermath of a fight.
  • They can understand the role of communication in resolving issues and avoiding the chances of a conflict.
  • They become able to recognize the variables that affect how people react when confronted with conflict.