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6 easy steps for creating an attractive and appealing brand name for your business

When you are about to choose a name for your brand, you will find out that it won’t be a very easy task to do. Rather you will have to look into the details of all the perspectives of building a brand name. when we think of a brand name, the names like Pulse brand, Pepsi, Nike and dove come to our mind. These are all famous names and just the four or five letters make a complete impression on our minds. They are more than just the names as they have strong meaning in the background as well.

So when you are deciding the name of your brand, you need to look up to the following list of things to do.

  1. Check your targeted audience

For any brand to name itself, it needs to know what it is working for and who are the targeted audience, what their thinking is and how they are going to perceive things. Therefore, knowing your customers and then coming up with the details of what the customer wants, how he would respond and what he wishes to see in your brand, is the prerequisite of brand naming.

  1. Ask yourself what you want to deliver

Now that you have checked on your audience, the next task is to determine what you want your brand to deliver to the audience. For this you can get motivation from a few famous brands as well. consider for example Nike, which is the name of a Greek goddess who personifies victory. On the other hand, dove is a toiletry brand for women and the bird dove conjures up the softness and purity in the females. So they link pretty well and give a strong meaning to the brand as well.

  1. Generate a list of brand names

Now you have to make a list of possible names for the brand and start working on it. Remember that keeping your brand name simple and short is the key. You can make use of the word association to gather words for the brand name or you could use the online tools as well. Using a cool foreign language word can also be a good way of deciding a brand name.

  1. Check the availability of the brand names

Now that you have come up with a list of brand names, the next thing to do is to check the availability of these names online. You can use the websites that check the availability in the domain names and find out whether it is suitable or not.

  1. Test your brand name

Further you can test your brand name by asking the audience via some social media pages or by the online tools available to test the strength of the brand name. a small survey amongst the family, friends and colleagues is going to be helpful.

Once done, you have now the clear picture of your most popular brand name.