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CBD Dosage Guidelines to Give Your Pets

Without any doubt, CBD can help your pet as much as it has helped people. Your furry friend can get relief from joint pain or arthritis, recover fast from injuries, reduce anxiety, maintain sugar level, and make them enjoy a healthy appetite.

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis plants. So, many pet owners wonder whether it is appropriate to give CBD to their dogs. Cannabis includes a family of different plant types like the hemp variety. The chemical structure is similar to marijuana, but the component that makes you high [THC] is missing.

  • CBD from hemp is non-psychoactive.
  • CBD from marijuana has dash of THC.

So, when you visit justcbdstore.com, look for hemp-based CBD oil for dogs because it is safe and legal. You could also look for other stores by searching for CBD shops near me. For dogs, you can buy tinctures, but it will be hard to make your pet consume it. It is better to mix it with his treats or food.

There are special CBD biscuits available that will not create a problem to get your furry friend to consume it. Any form you choose to make sure that the dosage is correct. Read the labels carefully, while choosing the CBD product. It is wise to take the advice of professional veterinary.

CBD dosage guidelines to give your pet

The starting dosage for pets is 1 mg just like in humans it is 1 to 3 mg. large dogs are generally half the size of humans. Dosage guidelines are given below based on the dog’s weight.

  • 2 to 8 pounds 

Extra small pets need less CBD amount. They have a fast metabolism, so can need three dosages daily, depending on the results. For mental conditions or anxiety or behavioral problems start with ½ mg CBD oil two times a day. If you see no changes increase it with 2 mg boosts until you experience an improvement. The maximum limit is 15 mg for tiny dogs.

  • 8 to 15 pounds

Initial dosage can be the same as tiny dogs, but for behavioral problems administer 1 mg rather than ½ mg.

  • 15 to 30 pounds 

For medium-sized pets, people have reported success with an initial dose of 2 mg and give a 3 mg boost until needed arthritis pain relief is achieved. For anxiety, lack of appetite, and behavioral conditions 1 mg dose is suggested with a boost of 2 mg daily two times a day.

  • 30 to 60 pounds

Large dogs struggling with joint or arthritis pain need to be started with 1 to 3 mg of CBD, based on severity. If the initial dosage results fail, then increase successive doses with a maximum of 3 mg, not more. The dosage has to be divided twice a day. For behavior issues, appetite loss and anxiety increase the succeeding dosage by 2 mg. Monitor your pet’s behavior closely.

  • More than 60 pounds

The dosage recommendation for large dogs can be applied for extra-large pets.

After understanding the dosage based on your pet’s weight, it is time to get familiar with how much CBD is there in a product serving size. If the product has a dropper, it is easy to calculate because 1 ml CBD oil = 50 mg CBD.