Business Majority

Most accountants will tell you the majority of small businesses run as an S Corporation.

Can serious RO content be achieved  

To achieve good returns on investment (ROI), businesses need strong relevant content. It’s very much a case of quality over quantity, as more content doesn’t necessarily mean better. This is surprisingly easy to achieve, and we will explore some of the techniques used to accomplish great ROI results below.

Helpful, inspired, engaging content is key

An informative, lengthy piece of content, full of rich and useful information is an extremely valuable resource to include on your website. A 50 – 100 page PDF or eBook is worth more than a 2,000 word piece of “evergreen” content which doesn’t date quickly but isn’t very fresh. eBook-type content can be repurposed to keep generating traffic and attract links. You can achieve this longevity by “slicing off” portions of your content and repurposing it for use elsewhere in different formats. Once you publish it, make sure to promote the content everywhere, not just on social media but also in display ads and on SlideShare etc. It’s worth considering your options for promoting it on mobile too.

Roll out

Planning how and when you will get your content out there is very important. The five-week plan shown below is a useful guide:

Week 1 – publish content, sponsored updates, influencer outreach
Week 2 – content webinar, sponsored updates, influencer outreach
Week 3 – content webinar, sponsored updates, influencer outreach, “sliced off” content 1 and 2
Weeks 4 and 5 – content webinar, sponsored updates, influencer outreach, “sliced off” content 1, 2, 3 and 4

Tying things together with your blog

Your blog content should comprise an array of different formats, styles and topics to keep it engaging and useful. For example:

How-to posts
Thoughtful leadership pieces
Case studies
Strategic research and analysis
Light-hearted content
Amusing videos and graphics

Understanding and writing for your customers is also very important.

Effective marketing teams

Below is a simple breakdown of how good digital marketing works:

SEO lays the foundation
Social feeds the content
Content feeds the demand

Pictures tell a thousand words

Approaching digital marketing in this way delivers brilliant content, makes users want to share that content, provides a clear vision for your brand, and builds a brand community.

Your images will allow customers to see what you do as well as read what you do.  This is why a Gloucestershire Branding Agency found at sites like can show you what they know to help with the basics and anything else in more detail.