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Most accountants will tell you the majority of small businesses run as an S Corporation.

Why work in retail?

Working in retail has many benefits. It is a great industry for first jobs starting at a junior level and also for anyone wishing to have a change of career, or get back into the workplace after a break. Retail is also a good way to climb the career ladder, with opportunities ranging from senior management right through to the shop floor.

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One of the benefits of working in retail in today’s world is the flexible working hours. Gone are the days when shops opened Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9 and 5. Most shops these days are open much later and seven days a week, so working hours that fit in with other commitments can be a great way to manage a work/life balance.

Job opportunities

Anyone living in or near a town will have a selection of retailers looking to employ staff. Many offer in-house training, so no experience is necessary, and if working locally, employees can save on commuting costs as well.

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Working with people

Retail environments are busy and friendly places to work. There are numerous opportunities to interact with others, provide customer service and become part of a team. They are also great places to form new friendships and socialise outside of work.

Competition on the high street is at an all-time high and stores rely on customers visiting city centres, so having a good selection of retail outlets is essential for towns that wish to thrive


Companies offering scent marketing found online at Mood Media, work with retailers to make customer shopping experiences more memorable by using scent marketing. This has been proven to have a positive effect on both shoppers and employees. Creating custom fragrances to promote a brand creates emotional connections making customers much more likely to return and to recommend the store to their friends and family.


There are many different roles in retail including stock room duties, customer service, cashier, packing and shelf stacking. This offers workers the opportunity to experience a variety of different roles all in the same day preventing monotony.


Most retailers have good staff benefits including staff discounts and regular pay reviews. Employees can be guaranteed the security of regular income with the potential for an increase providing they do their job well.