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Telltale Signs of an Unreliable Shipping Company

Any business that regularly ships merchandise to clients should be acquainted with a reliable shipping company. As any seasoned entrepreneur can attest, an enterprise’s choice of shipping service can have a profound impact on client satisfaction. Whereas a dependable shipping company can help a business build and maintain a favorable reputation among clients, the wrong shipping company is liable to make clients think twice before enlisting your services. So if your business is currently shopping around for a new shipping company, keep an eye out for the following red flags.

Lost Shipments

There’s no surer sign of an unreliable shipping company than lost shipments. More often than not, lost shipments are highly indicative of poor management and lax shipping practices. Your business is putting a great deal of faith in a shipping company by entrusting them with your clients’ merchandise, and completely losing track of that merchandise represents a flagrant betrayal of that trust. That being said, even the most reliable shipping services lose the occasional shipment. While there’s nothing wrong with giving second chances, any company that loses more than one of your shipments should no longer receive your patronage. In addition to inconveniencing your clients, lost shipments are liable to reflect poorly on your enterprise – even if the fault lies entirely with the shipping company.

Late Shipments

Late shipments are a more common – and oftentimes more forgivable – problem than shipments that are outright lost. Furthermore, shipments are often late for reasons that are outside of anyone’s control, like hazardous weather and unsafe travel conditions. Still, no one relishes receiving shipments late, and if a client has an immediate need for their merchandise, they’re likely to be displeased by tardiness. With this in mind, avoid companies that have a reputation for habitually delivering shipments well past their delivery windows. A little bit of wiggle room is fine, but if late deliveries become the norm, your professional standing may suffer.

Damaged Shipments

Damaged shipments generally indicate a lack of delicacy and professionalism on the part of a shipping service. Shipments are often damaged as a result of rough handling and improper storage, and clients receiving damaged merchandise is the last thing most businesses want. For maximum safety, seek out shipping services with a proven track record of delivering cargo in its original condition. Furthermore, take care to equip your shipments with handy impact sensing tools, like shock watches and impact monitors. These cutting-edge devices keep track of any damage shipments incur while in transit and provide recipients with a treasure trove of helpful information.

No business can afford to throw caution to the wind when selecting the right shipping service. Since your choice of shipping company stands to make or break your business’s reputation, you’d be wise to regard this decision with the importance it deserves. Fortunately, selecting the right shipping service doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. The next time your business finds itself in the market for a new shipping company, take care to avoid companies that embody the qualities discussed above.