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Packaging Product Questions Revealed

The packaging that is chosen for a product is a key component as to how it will survive, ship and present to the customers who ultimately purchase it.  In most industries fancy, colorful and flashy packaging is what businesses want in order to gain the attention of possible customers.  The more customers, the more revenue for that company.  One type of packaging that is available for bulk items and for more industrial products are polypropylene bags.  Many polypropylene bag manufacturers are looking to prove that their bags are greater for the environment and can serve a wide variety of options.

What are woven bags?

A woven bag is a bag that is created by weaving long strands of the material together into a hatch pattern. This hatch pattern is then built upon to form a strong durable material that can be then tuned into a bag. These bags can be any size that is needed so making a variety of different bags is easy with this material.


These bags are great for the environment and general use because they are non-toxic. Made from a plant material there are no harsh chemicals used in the creation and development of these bags.

100% reusable and durable

What makes these bags so great is that they are reusable and durable. With these bags you can fill them with a product, transport that product, use the product and then refill the bag again. Unlike traditional plastic bags that are poorly constructed, can rip easily and can’t carry a lot of weight without doubling or tripling them up.

Easy to clean and anti-bacterial

If the bags get dirty you can wash them with some water and they are good to go. Some are even machine washable. When done let them air dry. One great feature is that they don’t mold or mildew. This makes them anti-bacterial which promotes the transportation of food products to its highest level.

Breathable or water proof with a laminated film

Adding a laminated coating these bags can become water proof or water resistant. This is also a great feature when trying to transport products through the rain or other wet environment. With its breathable construction air can flow through them preventing dangerous conditions that could start the decay process of some contents.

Easy to produce, assembly and an economic material

The bags are easy to produce which reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. When the material is woven into sheets it can easily be cut and sewn together to form any size bag that is needed. The materials can also be died and printed on as well. This will give the manufacturers the ability to create a wide range of branded bags for companies, clients and the consumers themselves.

Resistant to most alkalis and acid, organic solvents, degreasing agents

When working in industrial areas these bags are great for transporting and storing materials that are needed in specific trade areas. Their durable construction allows some liquids as well as hazardous materials to be stored for later use or disposal.