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A Network Marketing Career? Stop Trying to Fix Your Derailed Career- Reinvent Yourself

If you have found yourself in a new reality as I did in my career it may be time to reinvent yourself. I worked in an office and due to changes was let go due to budget cuts after eighteen years. Setting out once more to find another job a new requirement was French. I was out of my market in an instant. I was quite depressed and did not know what to do. If that had not happened to me I would have stayed there until I retired and can say today it is the best thing that ever happened to me. Have you had an experience like that before? If it is time for a reinvention

The solution to coping with a derailed career is to let go of the past and start to focus on the future. You by this time have much in the way of experiences to draw from. Draw from who you have you become and start to build a new life around your strengths and abilities. This can be a rebirth of yourself and another career. Starting the Process of Reinvention When this happened to me, I was in shock. Although for the last of those five years, everybody would wonder who might be next and day in and day out you felt you were living life in constant stress. Given a settlement, I decided to laugh all the way to the bank. Until you, come to terms with what has happened you will be in no shape to reinvent yourself. Do not allow negative talk destroy the reinvention of yourself. You need to be positive about the future, not lamenting over the past. Know that this experience has happened to millions of people. My career took a complete turn into the Personal Training field. I became a reflexologist because I truly care about people and health. This all was a blessing for me in the end as it forced me to change my direction in life. Yes, I had a transitional mindset. In the end, I have become a network marketer, first because I want choice in my life along with flexibility. I no longer want a desk job making others rich. You have more skills than you realize Having such an experience can make you a little insecure and make you forget what you really have to offer. Employers need to be able to understand the exact value you will bring to the organization. You need to show them how you will save and/or make them enough money to justify the cost of hiring you. Hard skills are measurable. Things like sales, marketing, operations management, project management, customer service, financial analysis, etc are hard skills. You can provide examples and stats to prove you have these skills. By quantifying your skills, you can show your worth. It is a must-do for a proper reinvention. I realized that I had an opportunity to use the qualifications I had for my own gain. In network marketing, there are no limits. It does not matter the age, skin color or experience. What I do say is of the utmost importance is to be coachable as this is a newly learned business. After this, the rest is up to you. Keep your expectations real The changing market today can send a person reeling. Many who have devoted most of their lives to a job can find themselves without work. The longer one is out of work the less likely they will be hired again. In about six months of unemployment, the resume usually goes to the bottom of the pile. No wonder people are starting to look into network marketing as an option. I had to look at this with an open mind or stand in a store for minimum wage. My decision of network marketing was the choice of working anywhere, so I go south in the winters and I choose my own hours. I do work, but I alone paid for my efforts, not making someone else wealthy. Manage your expectations If you are seeking employment in the corporate world, you will have to manage your expectations. Be realistic about what might happen. You should not aim low, but chances are you may not be back in the same paying job. You may need to start over and work your way up. What I love about network marketing is that it can change things drastically. A friend of mine in the business had a husband 73 who ran his own business, who was destined to work until he died because they did not have the income to retire. She took up network marketing at the age of 65 and retired her husband in 9 months. It was so heart-warming to see their lives change. She was afraid at first and she verbalized the fear many of us have and that she did not know enough people anymore because of her age. In network marketing though, you start to develop new people that others bring into your organization. Most people only personally sponsor 3 people into their business. The rest come from other people on your team. Taking control of your own expectations All successful reinventions have one thing in common; a great story that makes people want to see someone rise to the top once again. Speaking about what it took to get there and move forward can have an employer hanging on every word. Network marketing is the very same technique that appeals to people who are in transit. My experience of network marketing stories is the hope it starts to ignite in a somewhat depressing situation. It has become the answer to reinvent their lives. I wanted to have control over my own life. I have wealthy friends and I noticed that they took responsibility for their own wealth. Although they worked hard they were not worried about constant changes at a workplace. This was my experience with my transitional mindset and situation in my life. Conclusion If you find yourself in need of reinventing yourself know that you can do it. Keep your expectations real and know you may have to work your way up again. If you find yourself in a transitional mindset, you may choose to look into the network marketing field and decide if it is something, you might like to do. Being open to all avenues will help you make the wisest choice as you reinvent yourself. Download my free eBook Ten Steps to Success. This book will help you understand what to look for when considering the network marketing industry.

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